About This Journey

Self Portrait
Heather Blakey
Dreaming of Lemuria
Land of her dreaming
by Heather Blakey

Heather Blakey is a masterful purveyor of creative stimuli and her web site, the Soul Food Cafe, is literally chock full of exciting prompts, that have been personally test run by Heather, with people ranging in age from five to eighty five.

Heather does not remember when her alter ego, le Enchanteur, first emerged but she does remember that when she did appear, she appeared, like a whirling dervish and invited members of the Soul Food Cafe Community to trek with her into Lemuria, the subterranean world she discovered after reading the work of her great grandfather, George Chale Watson.

Le Enchanteur has become the mistress of Lemuria. She is an adventurer, and an opportunist who has taken full advantage of Heather’s ability to create prompts and set up a framework for people to work within. These prompts are vital for travellers who wander roads such as the Lemurian Silk Road and the Serpentine Road.

Until now all of the work has been completed in an online setting that is managed by Heather Blakey.

Traveller Arrives

It can become a bit chaotic near the various portals when rather startled travellers enter Lemuria and join the Donkey Trek that winds along the Serpentine Road.

Heather Blakey May 2008

As Heather worked alongside others she chose to provide visual narratives and dialogue, which have helped to create Lemurian places like the Murmuring Woods, Rainbow Beach, the House of the Serpents, Riversleigh Manor and have introduced travellers to a host of characters, including Sibyl Riversleigh and Ebony Wilder and Sibyl Riversleigh, two more of her alter egos.

These journeys have been preserved in Soul Food Cafe Features such as Lemuria Rising, a directory that houses most material, the Soul Food Silk Road AdvenTURE Calendar and the Grand Lemurian Tour.

To travel within Lemuria is to descend into the world of the Great Mother, or Terrible Mother as she is sometimes known. Lemuria is a safe container to explore ancient archetypes and promote fertility using old rituals. The journey within Lemuria and the associated soul work is sometimes bumpy, and the roads can go off in all directions. Writing and art prompts keep the creative flow in place, and have helped to build up the mythos and mystery of Lemuria.

Following the Serpentine Road


Some very famous people have travelled with donkeys. It was the small one who, led by Joseph, carried Mary on his back and all Australians know the classic tale of Simpson and his Donkey.

From the beginning, Robert Louis Stevenson was an explorer who probed both the past and present and discovered the far reaches of the human spirit. Filled with tales of Scottish and Protestant history, Robert Louis Stevenson set his compass for voyages in the long ago. And fueled by the winds of imagination those passages became famous novels, Treasure Island and Kidnapped. Exploring his present Stevenson chose a pace that would give him extraordinary vision. After walking the southern mountains of France he wrote Travels with A Donkey. In Travels with a Donkey, Stevenson documents his journey with Modestine.

Perhaps one of the highlights of coming to Lemuria is the opportunity to travel with a donkey. When you travel the Serpentine Road you travel with a companion animal. You travel with a donkey!

Upon arrival in Lemuria, through a portal that looks very much like Ourobos, le Enchanteur gives travellers a bag filled with special talismans, and tells them of the donkey compound where travellers meet the Secretary of the Donkey Union, and the donkey who is destined to share their journey. Travellers always recognise the donkey who is to guide them. Guides such as Geraldine, Maya, Crispin, Regina, and Belenus, have trod the roads and faithfully advised their human companions as they tread unchartered regions.

One of the first things pilgrims are asked to do is meditate upon the famed snake and consider how they have been devouring their own creativity. The journey helps participants to reclaim the creative light and find their authentic voice.

To engage you need to

1. Contact Heather Blakey for details about subscribing to this group.

2. Have a journal and or a blog that you have created at WordPress.

3. Be prepared to work within a framed canvas. You will find loose guidelines in the prompts that are listed on the side bar of the Serpentine Road Blog. Ideally you will follow these guidelines sequentially. They are divided into three sections and will lead you through this mysterious land. However, participants should remember that these are just guidelines. This is a write your own adventure and you may zig zag and head off on unmarked roads and have adventures of your own. Pages provide you with samples of work that has been completed by travellers who have walked these pathways. If you are keen to have your work published you may find that your work is eventually included here.

Opportunities provided

1. You will have the opportunity to join an online group and work collaboratively with others who are trekking the Serpentine Road.

2. Join the Serpentine Road Group at Yahoo, meet and develop a relationship with other participants